Council Resolution

Governing Council At the helm of the Institute’s affairs is a twenty-two (22) member Council comprising 17 registered public relations professionals elected every two years by members of the Institute and five (5) members of the Institute nominated by the Federal Government. The Council is chaired by the President who is assisted by a Vice President. The President and Vice President are elected every two years through an electoral college made up of only elected Council Members.
To ease the day-to-day administration of the Institute, the Law provides for the appointment of a Registrar by the Council appoints a Registrar. The Registrar is appointed for a fixed renewable term of five years and has the primary duty to prepare and maintain the register of members by the rules made by the Council. The Registrar is assisted by a host of competent and professional diverse workforce located at the Abuja National Secretariat and the Lagos liaison office of the secretariat. Ultimately all acts undertaken by the NIPR’s officers and staff are in the name of, and with the authority of, the Council.